large aluminum arm garden Umbrella Copenaghen - CO350POL

by ProduceShop

Sunshade square, strong and durable

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Collection: Parasols

Parasol Garden 3.5 square meters, ideal for bars, restaurants, swimming pools and hotels, made of high quality materials, robust and resistant.

Copenhagen is the largest umbrella garden dedicated to public facilities such as bars, swimming pools, factories, hotels, markets but also to individuals who need to cover a large gray area. This elegant parasol 3.5 x 3.5 meters is suitable for public use thanks to its special robustness and build quality.

And 'possibly you can merge several neighbors umbrellas Copenhagen to create the extremely large shadow area. Its particular shape makes it appealing to the eye, as well as usable in so many contexts.
Indeed has a simple and elegant design, which goes with any decor.

3.5x3.5 Copenhagen is the umbrella for bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors, hotels that can not afford the exorbitant cost of some models of giant umbrellas, but who do not want absolutely to quality. It 'a great product for individuals who wish un'ombrellone by maxi sized garden that will last over time.

unrivaled price-quality ratio: other sites selling similar to our sun to more than 2,500 €! We sell directly online without intermediaries of any kind, so we guarantee competitive prices, we specify it because there are those who do not believe in them prices!

Technical features:
- Fabric with weight 330 gr / m2
- All-aluminum structure pole decentralized curved carrier
- Beach umbrella with attractive design
- Shadow Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 meters
- Dimensions of the umbrella opened diagonal: 4.95 meters
- Dimensions of the supporting pole: diameter 100 mm
- Height from the ground to the most 'low of the cloth: 240 cm
- Details and metal connectors for external
- Ability to adjust the shadow vertically with adjustment handle
- Stainless steel screws AISI 304
- Splints reinforced windscreen size 19 x 27 mm
- Upper arm oversized 40 x 60 mm
- Bellows windproof
- Exterior color: White
- Base with fixable wheels already included (other bases are not needed)