Professional garden umbrella Paradise – PA300UVA

by ProduceShop

Sun umbrella with decentralized supporting pole

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Paradise garden umbrella with uv protection and offset pole

This exclusive patented garden umbrella guarantees very high protection, certified in italy, from the sun's harmful rays.
Guarantees shade that is about 10 degrees cooler compared to traditional cotton garden umbrellas!

For dining in the cool shade, or to relax in your garden, this umbrella will bring back the pleasure of summer.

This umbrella has a central pole and ribs completely in aluminium.
The value for money is incredible, and just think that it is one of the few on the market completely made of aluminium (usually, to save money, the frame is only partially aluminium), all the plastic details are sturdy, combined with high quality opening/closing mechanisms.

Furthermore, the paradise umbrella has the ability to adjust the shade 360° degrees thanks to the practical pedal on the base and the patented mechanism that allows simple rotation.

With a practical handle, you can adjust the shade even vertically, bringing the umbrella almost parallel to the pole.

Paradise garden umbrella with exclusive patented anti-uv fabric
- patented fabric with uva-uvb protection
- dimensions of the open umbrella: 3 m x 3 m
- dimensions of pole: 80 x 50 mm
- height from the ground to the lowest part of the canvas: 235 cm
- all-aluminium frame
- high-quality plastic details
- very stylish
- frame with offset pole
- ability to rotate the shade 360° with a pedal on the base
- ability to adjust the shade vertically with adjustment handle
- unmatched value for money
- steel screws
- reinforced windproof ribs
- windproof vent
- waterproof also thanks to the uv fabric
- very high quality and ease of use
- colour: cream-white exterior, silver interior