by EmmeBi Industria Mobili srl

Night cabinet, modular, various measures

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Collection: Wardrobes

Atlante is not simply a wardrobe, but is a wardrobes’ system which through a personal quality pad features all the main hints of a wardrobe system,
that is to say the aestetic arrangement, the intelligence trying to better use the space and its functtions. Atlante offers a wide range of dimensions with its 5 heights and 8 widths as standard sizes, but it offers above all the possibility to be used for all kind of projects and to be made in custom size for every kind of available space. The structure gives the idea of solidity thanks to the 4 cm thickness for all the sides and then the internal fitting offers a wide range of choices to better use the space, to create a personal order according to everyone’s needs. Doors are characterized by a flush handle which is always in the same finishing of the door giving as a result a perfect homogenuos surface.

Design Pietro Arosio


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