CODE comp.01

by EmmeBi Design Srl

Precious bookcase, with doors, for luxury hotels

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Collection: Day

Bookcase / living room system that alternates doors which extend vertically along its entire height and shelves at sight. The project is the idea to alternate closed and open elements so that it can display and store at the same time. The optical effect that results is the same as a bar code, vertical lines in the foreground and the background hollow spaces, from which the library is named. The columns with doors can be fitted with shelves and / or drawers. The open element 140 cm wide for easy use in living areas as support systems HI-FI and TV.

Compartments: matt lacquered in colors, gray oak, tobacco oak, walnut, wenge.
Doors: matt or glossy colors, gray oak, tobacco oak, walnut, wenge.

Design Duccio Grassi

H211 D44 W doors 22/32/47/62 cm
H211 W 18/28/43/58/140 cm