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Folding conference tables for hotels

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Collection: Tables

Family of folding conference tables for hotels, which can be combined and stacked when closed. Rectangular and crescent-shaped tables are available which allow you to set up horseshoe, "L"-shaped, "boardroom" tables at school and in any other configuration. They can then be easily dismantled for different uses of the conference room.
The foldable legs are staggered in steel in the shape of an inverted "T", with double or single vertical upright depending on the depth of the table; they can be in shiny chromed steel or painted with epoxy powders in a vast choice of colours.
The tops have a mm-high chipboard core. 20 covered in “Classic or Design” or “Wood” plastic laminate available in many colours. The edge of the tops can be rounded to a height of mm. 20 in painted beech wood, or slightly rounded, height mm. 20 in black PVC, or slightly rounded, height mm. 20 in beech (only for “Wood” plastic laminate tops).
This range of tables is equipped with reinforcing longitudinal members under the top, a locking system with safety clips, black corners with rubber terminals for storing the tables in columns without damaging the top, a lateral hooking system with disappearance of series.
Usually these tables are used exposed; however, custom-made conference tablecloths can also be supplied.
Optional quarter-circle corner extension, removable front and side infill panel, and trolley for transport and storage.
The standard dimensions available for rectangular tables are:
- 120x45/60/75cm
- 130x45/60/75cm
- 150x45/60/75cm
- 180x45/60/75cm
For the crescents:
- 45x90cm single leg
- 60x120cm single leg
- 75x150cm with double leg
For quarter circles (without legs):
- 45x45cm
- 60x60cm
- 75x75cm
The standard height of the tables from the floor is cm. 76.