Mendola 07/1A

by Tonon International Srl

Upholstered chair, with ProBax technology, for conference

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Collection: Armchairs

Contemporary multi-purpose armchair perfect for banquet and conference venues. The design incorporates ProBax® Advanced Seating Technology which has been awarded with the FIRA Innovation Award. Probax® is a system of foams inserts of a specific geometrical design allowing a more natural Lordotic "S" shaped curvature of the spine, greatly reducing back and neck pain, and increasing comfort dramatically. With the ProBax® system the benefits include an improved blood and oxygen flow, an increased perception of space between rows, a reduced movement and less fidgeting amongst the audience and an improved, more upright posture aids digestion. The design incorporates an exclusive lightweight triangular extrusion with an upholstered multi-contoured shell, and is available also without arms. Arms are in aluminium and have an elegant twist detail. Armchair stacks 10 high and can be supplied with the options of a recessed handle, a retractable hook-over linking system with or without numbering, a folding and detachable writing tablet, and a transport trolley.
Entirely manufactured in the European Community.

Design: Peter Roth.

Dimensions in cm: H88, W60, D57, SH46. Weight 6Kg.