Classic living room furniture in walnut

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Collection: TV stands

Living room wall made with a TV stand base complete with an open compartment. On the left side of the same we find a base with four doors complete with two upper doors with glass and two further open compartments. Above the TV stand base, in addition to a solid wood boiserie, we find an entirely open area with several shelves. To complete the classic walnut wall unit, we opted for an open base, complete with four small drawers, then playing with various open shelves. So as to optically leave the space for a classic walnut wall unit of design and quality.
The wall falls into the category of modular models, therefore it will be possible to change the wall units with vasistas, modify the base and every single detail.
Finishes: Veined white, veined ivory, national walnut, honey, natural color or RAL finishes on request.
Material: Tanganyika walnut solid wood.
Openings: handles chosen by the customer.

Basic measurements: L 366 D 42 cm
Total height of the structure 230 cm