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Via G. Galilei 19/21
22060 Cabiate (Como)
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INFO ABOUT A.L.A Mobili d'Arte Snc

A value which remains in time.....

Valuable woods and sophisticated inlays for pieces with an unparalleled quality.

A.L.A Mobili d'Arte specialises in the production of art furniture: Louis XV, Empire and boulle furniture. These are really unique pieces, featuring various briar woods, rifined inlays and the company's big experience and know-how. As well as a wide range of models, the company is in a position to engineer and develop customised furniture and furnishing supplies for the contract department. They say at the company: "Our art furniture production does not result from rough improvisations, but it originates from the study and planning of a company rooted to ancient handicraft traditions". That is why A.L.A Mobili d'Arte offers: not authentic furniture but reproductions with a value which remains in time. Infact for the inlays, various quality woods are used such as rosewood, walnut and several briar woods such as walnut, elm, mytle on beech-wood-oak-mahogany structures and so on. Ornaments are in golden or glazed brass, still melted through the craftsman's traditional procedure.