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47841 Cattolica (Rimini)
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INFO ABOUT Adrenalina

Adrenalina stands for freedom to express yourself, your dreams aloud and your imagination in vivid colours thanks to innovative and bold furniture solutions.
Adrenalina's design department produces ironic, colourful, and playful items featuring uncommon shapes, but always sticking to the comfortable and functional standards that need to act as basis for armchairs and sofas. This results in unusual stuffed furniture items, rich in energy and able to understand people's wish for an interior design featuring unique furniture items able to give a very individual flavour to the rooms they are fit into. The individual flavour gets even stronger if you think of the opportunity to completely customize items or produce your own furniture inventions.

These furniture items can make every room cosy and comfortable so that travellers are not going to have an aseptic detached welcome, but they are going to find relaxing happy atmospheres. The furniture shapes and colours show an experimental basis so as to enhance people's personality and passions in the middle of this stage and include the fascination for traditional standards and the magic of contemporary style.
Adrenalina's whole production is certified in compliance with the international fireprevention regulations (1IM class) so that they match harmony and safety.

Adrenalina is a shelter for originality where unconventionality is considered as a value to protect.