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Via Sante Bocconcello , 26 Z.I.
36040 Meledo di Sarego (Vicenza)
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Almas Srl

Creativity, design, comfort, an aesthetic fact, a technical datum, an operating philosophy.
It is the inspiring principle of the company's production activity that creates widely used products such as chairs and stools to make them become unique pieces of furniture for those who live there.

For over 35 years, Almas has been a leader in the field of furnishing design, due to the experience of professionals who always work with passion in search of the most important details.

Chairs, barstools, armchairs are made with raw materials, first choice both in hide, leather, ecoleather and fabrics with a view to maximum respect for the environment both in the working process and in the use of the components.

The production activity is carried out inside the headquarters to check every single step of production and always guarantee the quality MADE IN ITALY, giving life to collections with style and unmistakable character
And Almas is proud of it!