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C.C. Ibisco Mod. n.14
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ARREDO LUCE is an Italian company leader of crystal and Murano glass chandelier production.
The Company dates back to the early ‘50s, when its founders started the production of classic crystal chandeliers. The starting idea was to innovate the great Italian tradition of crystal chandeliers, introducing its own catalogue with its own wide set of products.
Over the years, the Company has managed a business plan for its own growth also taking part to the main international trade fairs, consequently contributing to spreading “Made in Italy” brand in more than 30 Countries.

Nowadays, ARREDOLUCE is a consolidated company with two operational offices in the Italian territory and some branches and dealers in many foreign countries: Canada, Usa, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic States, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman Sultanate, Japan, Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Moldavia, Croatia, Serbia, Republic of Montenegro, Ireland.

Currently, the lighting range is very wide, with over 1000 items in production.
The possible combinations of finishes, colours, materials and dimensions offer the opportunity to customize the product.
A Contract Division was also created, able to satisfy any "turnkey" request, through design according to the most advanced technologies and the supply of complete furnishings for public and private real estate complexes, hotels, theatres, mosques, etc. .

ARREDO LUCE is a dynamic, compact and flexible organization at the same time. Widespread professionalism and skills make it possible to achieve a common and shared goal.
Each collaborator works with a view to the continuous improvement of products and services, and collaborates to generate a corporate climate based on mutual trust and esteem.
Teamwork creates the conditions for our success, as do daily "learning on the job" and the habit of transforming each problem into an opportunity.
The basic objective is to diversify the presence in an increasingly large number of markets, in compliance with the principles of total quality, and always having as a reference the full satisfaction of the customer.

Developing solutions and products in the lighting and furniture industry which, starting from the best Italian artisan tradition, can respond effectively to market needs. An unceasing spirit of research and innovation guides our choices regarding new products, with customer satisfaction as our only point of reference.