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Outline of the manufacturing history in Meda.

A journey through innovative forms, intuitions, emotions, technology, history and style to discover design as reflection of beauty. The history of Gruppo Industriale Busnelli has started in Meda in 1953, in a period of dramatic change for the Italian industry caused the “wish for houses and furnishing in the devastated country, after the World War”. Giving up quickly the hand-made manufacture, the company has committed in a deep transformation in the way of living and habits of Italians. The production has started a new path through design and project, showing a growing interest in using new materials and new technologies.

n 1972 a new factory in Misinto has been opened, representing a radical technological evolution in the furniture and furnishing sector. That period was full of initiatives and tireless scientific research that led to create an appropriate structure within the company: the Study and Research Busnelli Center, a permanent center for ideas and experiments.

Craftsmanship and industrialization.

The production combines tradition and technology, craftsmanship and industrialization; the preciousness of the manual cutting of leather and finest fabrics crossed with the precision of the electronic cutting that guarantee a top quality of manufacturing, strictly and authentically MADE IN ITALY. The Busnelli products have always been signed with the silver B tag.

Flexibility and expertise in research and development are the basis of busnelli contract division. Prestigious public and private projects have chosen busnelli for seats and sofa, night rooms and relaxing lounges, loose furniture and one-off pieces that now enrich hotels, restaurants, residences and public places.