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via Manzoni 8
20821 Meda (Monza Brianza)
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INFO ABOUT Citterio Fratelli

Citterio has always been an example of utmost quality, elegant taste and top professionalism in the field of style furniture.
Since 1880, passion for perfection and taste has influenced the decisions of all generations that have succeeded one another at the head of the company.
Perfection is reflected in the wood used, the unique design and all details of each item, conceived and made as one-of-a-kind pieces.
Thanks to our philosophy and high standard of professionalism, built up over the years, we are able to cater for the requests of customers from all over the world, producing also custom-made furniture with special sizes and finishes.
Citterio is able to assist all its customers and design the whole interior project for them, thanks to its valid architects, expert craftsmen, engravers and inlayers, with the certainty and guarantee of a highly prestigious made-in-Italy product.