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INFO ABOUT Citterio Meda Srl

Every upholstered item from the CitterioMeda collection is designed and built according to the canons of design, functionality, practicality, and formal elegance, without forgetting the many possible combinations with existing furniture or the refreshing change provided by a new cover. As often as you please!
Sofas, chairs, convertible beds, furnishings and accessories amount to a true wealth of alternatives, compiled as a catalogue and sorted to provide a real guide to the product proposals and suggestions most suited to your idea of freedom and your personal interpretation.
The common denominator of each model is its outstanding quality, resulting from well-honed manufacturing skills, tested over years of activity, a professional commitment to carefully selected raw materials, time-honored and reliable processing techniques, and a thoroughly researched concept of design, never for its own sake, but as a way of ensuring best satisfaction over time for each model in the range.
The textile label stitched to every item we make betokens its authenticity, and testifies the originality of every manufacturing process, 100% made in Italy.