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Citterio, part of the Molteni Group, first opened in the early 1960s in Brianza, an area in northern Italy traditionally at the forefront of quality woodworking, and was the logical development of the Citterio brothers’ skilled craftsmanship. The company’s first designs were created for the home: innovative furniture and products aimed at a discriminating clientèle which asked for functional, attractive design but also demanded quality and perfection in every detail. A memorable design from this period is the Tripolina, a folding easychair developed from the traditional camp chairs used by Italians in Africa between the two World Wars and still in production today.

The 1970s saw the birth of new technologies stemming from the use of aluminium, a light and workable material which lent itself to new products specifically designed for the office, such as the “Interparete“, the forebear of all modern fitted wall systems, soon joined by desks and tables for the workplace.

Thanks to the ”Interparete“ and its constant development, Citterio soon became a leader in 1970s Italy and 1980s Europe in this emerging new sector, creating numerous prestigious workplace designs for firms, banks, insurance companies, engineering companies, museums and public institutions.

Citterio is today a successful industrial company where every day several dedicated teams identify, design, propose, produce and install highly functional work environments without ever underestimating aspects such as the comfort and pleasure of the people who work in them.

The company is situated in Sirone (in the Province of Lecco), and has a covered area of over 21,000 square metres and more than one hundred employees. The company’s industrial plants use state of the art technology which mean they are extremely flexible and can satisfy the most varied of client demands.

The most modern proposals for the workplace at the moment are “Set”, a freestanding wall which adds to assembly options including the “Point” desk series, the innovative modular single-block partitions “Cisei” and “Sealed”, completely designed Franco Mirenzi and Vittorio Parigi and “Corner”, the elegant and sober executive desk designed by Mario Ruiz.

Although production and sales of office furniture account for more than 70% of the company’s activity, the home furnishings team is continually developing interesting new products such as the “Team” and “Frame” door systems, the light modular systems “Frame”, the interesting modular tables “Add” and modular walkthrough “Trolly” all designed by P. Borgonovo.

Citterio, stood out, recently, in the Contract field for several prestigious projects. Its work at the Rome headquarters of Sole 24 Ore and Corriere dello Sport demonstrate its ability to satisfy the needs of the media world, a feature common amongst the other Group companies. Citterio also showed excellence in the outfitting of hotels and apartment. In Singapore 400 doors from the Team series were supplied for the orchard View project, designed by Architects 61 Pte, and the Armore 2 project, designed by Aedas Pte.