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via Nazionale 103
33048 San Giovanni al Natisone (Udine)
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Colli Casa is a mix of furniture with a vivacious artistic touch with the ambition of it appealing to those who wish to stamp a personal mark on their own furnishing ideas.

Colli Casa offers the opportunity to coordinate its pieces by combining shapes, colours, materials and textures in a heady and incessant whirl of combinations that are only hinted at in the photos of the catalogue but actually see the customer the absolute protagonist of the final composition.

All can be coordinated to the point that the choice pairing becomes almost infinite.

The 13 colours of glossy and matt lacquers present in the samples book interact easily with any fabric and shade you choose.

The coupling of the fabrics 'Mix' on the seats becomes a starting point for the choice of colours to match with the table or the furniture.

The solid and vigorous shades of the lacquers blend with the impalpable lightness of the glass while they become elements of contrast when combined with the grains of fine woods such as Ebony, Walnut and Imbuia/Elephant Skin.

Colli Casa wears the environments with new sensations..

Colli Casa is fashion-furniture, the first to have conceived the 'be fashionable' in the high quality furniture sector.

This collection arises from the positive energy that imbued us at the time we started the project to create vibrantly coloured tables, chairs, furniture, mirrors, vases and rugs.

A collection rich in prestigious Italian craftsmanship.

Colli Casa moves outside the large industry principles and it concentrates its activity on small production of design, using wood from forests under sustainable management and more generally with natural materials that do not damage the ecosystem.

Colli Casa does not live on passing trends but has its roots in the conviction of creating ageless pieces that represent a refuge for those who, in that place called Home, return back every evening...