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Domodinamica by Paolo Castelli Spa

Via 1° Maggio 93
40064 Ozzano dell’Emilia (Bologna)
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INFO ABOUT Domodinamica by Paolo Castelli Spa

Domodinamica’spirit has been forever to create distinguished products for originality and creativity of their design, where amusement is not only allowed but often mandatory. using high quality standards of materials and technique, setting free the artistic expression of talented designers, with whom during the years has got the honour to collaborate with, persons different in style and training but equal in their drawing ability to give us excitement and pleasure: denis santachiara, stefano giovannoni, luca scacchetti, michele de lucchi, angelo micheli, luciano pagani e angelo perversi, matali crasset, massimo iosaghini e rodrigo torres. For fifteen years now, domodinamica has developed and created animated objects, seats and furnishings, born by brilliant intuitions of bright designers and made concrete by italian artisan mastery. domodinamica collection stimulates curiosity and attention from a sophisticated and nonconformist public that identity themselves with furnishing populating everyday life.