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Via Kennedy - fraz. ZUGLIANO 44
33050 Pozzuolo del Friuli (Udine)
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Drigani Srl
INFO ABOUT Drigani Srl

Drigani The company, founded in 1950 by Drigani Galliano, was born as a small firm specialized in the production of chairs, tables and metal hotel, restaurants and bars. The quality and service Drigani is now a reference point for its clients. A selected production where the quality of design, functionality and durability over time, are expressed in the quality of the materials used and the validity of the shapes. Today Drigani is able to achieve in the world and export a wide range products. Also specializes in furnishing gardens, each year Drigani select the best collection based on market needs and by offering by studying the internal and designers of international reputation, a wide range of products, chairs, armchairs, tables, sofas and accessories.
"The natural evolution of the contract"