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Via Livornese est 106
56035 Perignano (Pisa)
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Edra was founded in 1987 in Tuscany, a land rich in history, culture, art and artisanal mastery. The name derives from the Greek word ‘exedra’, meaning a meeting place for philosophical discussion. Edra proposes original designs born of an unprecedented union of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology, inspired by a continuous quest for high performance, new forms and new materials.

Research is the means by which Edra conceives its projects and realizes its products. Advanced research, both material and typological, where every detail brings together the most innovative technologies and the most sophisticated manual skills.

Advanced technologies deriving from every sector and applied to design are adopted with great skill for the Edra product range, but never displayed. Hi-tech is simply the best way to resolve a project.

Manual intervention is part of the process for every Edra product, which means one-of-a-kind results combined with serial production. Edra pieces are ‘finished by hand’ because artisanal know-how and attention to detail are what ensure the highest possible quality.

The change in social habits influences the relationship between body and object, creating the need for new forms. By interpreting these changing habits and responding to them, Edra offers unexceptionable comfort that goes beyond convention.

The materials used are charged with visual, tactile and emotional power. By treating these materials with great respect according to the highest standards of quality and character, Edra achieves new goals meaningful in style.