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Imagine a place where casual sophistication meets sustainability-this is Environment. More than a furniture company, Environment is, as the dictionary suggests: conditions of the natural world that surround people and affect the way they live. With innovation at its very core, Environment applies an astute sense of aesthetic to a diverse mix of sustainable materials and textures to excite the furniture consumer.

Part design consortium, part modern craftsman, Environment is a furniture brand unlike any other, underscoring its commitment to people and the planet through a forward thinking dedication to using materials and processes with low environmental impact and working together to eliminate illegal and controversial tropical wood from supply chains and replace it with third party audited and certified timber.

Such principals have landed them praise from the global community while endearing them to high-profile eco-conscious clients like Leonardo DiCaprio, and Julia Roberts.

Said to have “created functional pieces of art that are monuments to sustainable living,” it is Environment’s successful experimentation with uncommon woods and textiles that quickly established them as a design pioneer. The materials used in Environment’s collections are either reclaimed, recycled or repurposed wood and canvas, providing true diversity in both appearance and texture. The company uses new wood procured from only strictly managed certified forests. Many pieces feature one-of-a-kind boards that have been exposed to the natural elements for decades and acquired a truly “weathered” look that no manufactured artificial distressing can replicate. From basic plank inlays to patchwork and mosaic effects, Environment uses the wood’s natural character to create a collection that’s contemporary, yet warm and accessible, and of course environmentally responsible.

In addition to a brand new Atlanta location, interior designers, architects and esteemed eco-couture shoppers will find Environment showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, and Orange County.

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