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The EPOQUE & CO company is based in Altamura (BA) in Italy in a 10,000 square meter structure designed and built keeping in mind the issues of environmental sustainability and energy saving. Today the company's retail focuses on the development and expansion of the home project on the national and international market, with a range of products that include different collections. The company's flagship collection is EPOQUE by EGON FURSTENBERG. The osmosis of two antithetical cultures: craftsmanship and planning on the one hand and imagination and creativity on the other originate the prestigious collection. The Epoque by Egon Furstenberg home collection is fashion, glamor and always seduces with enchanting furnishing proposals, occupying precise areas of taste and approaching the classical world. Founded at the behest of Prince Egon von Furtstenberg, he has succeeded in translating his philosophy into the line dedicated to furnishing environments; his idea was to revisit in a modern way, using innovative materials and new combinations, classic pieces of furniture giving them style and elegance. The respect of this philosophy is the LIFE MOTIVE that, still today, orients the maison in the production. The collection consists of sofas of classic inspiration, refined, recognizable by the beauty of the fabrics, ranging from velvet to pure silk, studied exclusively with the best Italian weavers. Worthy of note are the precious trimmings, the refined edges of the cushions, true protagonists of the collection, which become the decorative element par excellence. The collection is also considered an ultra modern and chic style characterized by sofas with clean lines and extremely sober, wrapped in leather, leather and nubuck noble materials with humble and ancient traditions that speak of history and succeed in becoming contemporary. The latter have become an integral part in the coating of all the models. Selected, selected and highly ecological leathers that always guarantee respect for the environment. Each model has its uniqueness given by the unrepeatable craftsmanship with which it is packaged, every detail has its importance and a reason and is executed with care and skillful care.

The development of the home collection extends the range of products that today range not only with the upholstered furniture, but also with lamps and glassware. Consoles and tables made original wrapped by the use of the "resin" material that allowed to experiment with new techniques of decoration applicable to any type of surface. In the field of lighting you can admire splendid chandeliers, lamps, sconces and lampshades that enrich the environment giving new sensations of chiaroscuro, thanks to the use of materials such as steel, brass, hand chiselled and decorated with alabaster and with pendants in Swarowski crystal. The Home Collection widens its horizons with the Contract collection, focusing on the luxury hotel furniture that, while providing top-quality visibility to the creations, on the other hand allows, thanks to important orders, to continue investing in development of the lines. But if on the one hand great attention has been paid by the company to the development of the product that undergoes all the stages of production within the company, just as much attention is dedicated to the development of distribution and marketing in Italy and abroad. As far as the Italian market is concerned, the strategy aims at consolidation and greater penetration within the stores that already distribute the collections. But the development plans look far beyond that in the last few years our international expansion has been carried out decisively. Eastern European countries (Russia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, etc.) are the best performing and represent a large share of the turnover generated across the border. Without forgetting also Greece and Spain where we are enjoying excellent performances. Another objective is to go to place the collections in a particular way in the countries of the Middle East, Asia, India, China, Korea. This is why today, making the difference, in terms of marketing and business strategies, is not just the ability to offer a dream, but to be able to achieve it. Today, if you want to succeed, it is not enough to put on the market a good product, but it is absolutely necessary to transpose the values in which we identify ourselves, in which we believe.