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For its second year of activity, the eumenes collection is enriched with new products offering new proposals and functions for house spaces and contract: dining room, office and lounge. A world made of chairs and tables, sofas and coffee tables, in a wide range of materials and chromatic combinations, where the client will create his own living space taking part in the product invention.

Every single eumenes project/product has its origins in a deep-seated reason: the need to turn innovation into substance. Modern materials and innovative finishing and industrial processes flow from the designers’ insights or from the efforts of the eumenes R&D department, and these form the basis of the creative process. Not appearance for its own sake, then, but creativity arising from the spur of innovation.

The underlying idea of the eumenes product philosophy – in a market saturated with offerings – is to propose a limited number of products, which are extremely flexible from both a functional and an aesthetic point of view.
Every eumenes product is offered in a number of alternative options. The tabletops and the shells of the seats can be freely combined with any colour of their respective supporting structures. The eumenes catalogue details all the finishes and colours available for every single element, so customers may easily provide a guide to the composition of the product they desire. Every product is thus the fruit of the unrestricted choice of its individual components. Inventive and dynamic manufacturing solutions and logistics mean the ability to respond instantly to the customer’s demand for a customizable or limited-edition product.

The research conducted into the product is expressed firstly through its conception, which is entrusted to two of the world’s foremost designers; but also, and primarily, it is evident in the technological processes and in the materials employed. The eumenes goal is to offer solutions that have never been seen before, through the use of eco-friendly materials that are extremely practical, recyclable or user-friendly. In addition, an advanced industrial approach makes it possible to offer good value for money. Attention to quality is also a priority of the commercial strategy, which focuses on excellence in distribution and communication.

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