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The company
Faber Mobili is a company based in Bassano del Grappa, in the district of Vicenza, founded in 1984 and specialized in the production of antique furniture. The company has kept alive the traditional woodworking that has characterized Venice and Veneto since the Renaissance, and boasts customers in over 50 countries. At this time, the company employs 70 coworkers, qualified both through artisan and professional experience, 30 of which only work in the furniture finishing department.

Faber Mobili aims to create comfortable and elegant environments, melting the ancient woodworking techniques with the most superior modern technologies. Faber Mobili reproduces perfect copies of ancient furniture, personalizing shape, accessories, finishing touch, in order to satisfy modern necessity. We bring Italian style and creativity in the most luxurious mansions. Faber Mobili intend to exalt the quality of artisan working, guaranteeing the pure Made in Italy.

Faber Mobili reproduces both in the form and in the substance classic furniture, starting from existing projects or just from a simple idea, to the planning of the executive; always caring for the highest grade of quality, that only solid wood can give. Faber Mobili’s finishing touch is renowned to all the expert of the field, it is the best, and our target is to enhance ceaselessly.

Faber Mobili offers furniture coming from a double research, in aesthetics and construction, that combines the modern needs with the coherent style of the past. We have over 800 items in our catalogue, all customizable in dimensions and finishings. The uttermost flexibility is expressed, just like the tailor sews the custom made suits for his customers, producing Faber branded furniture based on customers drawings. Fabric, metalware, glass, inserts, the client can decide how to furnish and decorate his furniture. 42 are the finishings that can be chosen or customized on 4 different levels of antique, 3 levels of shininess, and if necessary choosing varnishing, fading and consuming.

Faber Mobili uses only valuable woods like Italian chestnut, cherry and oak, properly dried, and seasoned until an internal humidity rate of 12%in order to allow a long lasting performance of it. For the parts that may be subjected to temperature deteriorating, stabilizing wood splints are used. The company has a distinguishing mark in the production of high quality furniture based on the capability of working massive wood and in the care for details like the joints that are made only by insertions.
The casework is made with conic truncated joints of wood and the artisan finishing is handmade according to the cabinetmaking art and consists of carvings, inlays, swallowtail insertions and manual finishing with shellac or antiquary wax.