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Via dell'Agricoltura 19
37046 Minerbe (Verona)
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INFO ABOUT Mirandola

The excellence and uniqueness of our product comes from a respect for tradition and careful attention to design and planning.

Quality, attention to details and fine wood finishes ensure that our products are made to a high standard.

We are proud of the functional design, advanced technology and integrated production processes that are used in making our products. Of course, a respect for tradition and principles of furniture craftsmanship is also of utmost importance.

With a structure than over 6.000 m2 we have optimized all sectors of our factory.

Our production facility has been set up with built in quality control for each piece of furniture, from the selection of raw materials in our storeroom, to the production and finishing departments and finally to the packing and shipment of the final product; we pay careful attention at each stage of the process.

Our furniture designs are amenable to being customized to meet the needs of our clients.

Customers can request various styles and options such as modern finishes with an antique look, classic colours with a contemporary design and a variety of fabrics and textures. With more than 20 years of experience in making furniture, we can offer a range of options to our clients.