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via Einaudi 35
35030 Saccolongo (Padova)
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Passion is the motor that makes the Gibus Group run.
An industrial group of professionals that guarantees the market VALUE.

Value that is expressed in the ability to invest in research, to develop new high quality and reliable products; in the creation of objects of design, which join beauty and easy installation and use. In a word RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT.

Value in the wide range of products with 23 lines, a catalogue of 107 models and 555 variants of fabric. In a word ASSORTMENT.

Value in the development of production technologies and processes that permit great flexibility in response in a highly seasonal market. In a word PROCESS INNOVATION.

Value in the authoritative presence in trade associations that interpret the needs of our sector. In a word INSTITUTIONALISM.

Value in interpreting the changing needs of an increasingly more attentive and informed consumer and a reseller who is always looking for more and more innovative solutions to offer the market. In a word “ATTENTION TO THE CLIENT”.