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Like the needles passing through the leather every single day, Gorini’s roots go deep into time.

Our history, just as many other artisanal realities in our area, poured out of our passion.

The craftsmanship, the experience, the know how and the desire to do well, are all ingredients of a receipt which is very dear to the Italian culture of doing business.

It all began with a handful of leathers, an idea which became a path, a jorney towards the creation of an authentic and genuine object: a sofa which encompasses the total dedication of the founders, and translated in the form of comfort for those who seat on it.

The legs of a journey that have made it possible to leave a lasting mark in time in the upholstered furniture sector.

The roots of the Gorini company are not only a metaphor of the experience gained over the years.

The tangible and solid roots of the Company live also in the depth of the territory, under the form of virtuous links between local businesses.

Wood craftsmen, masters of the upholstered furniture, designers and mechanical components producers: it is not by chance that some of the best-known realities in the international upholstered furniture sector are based in Forlì.

Ever since the beginning, Gorini’s company is keeping a close eye on local developments by forging strong links with suppliers that become over time real partners in designing and building timeless sofas.

“Made in Italy” is an increasingly used and abused concept. The craftsmanship and the entrepreneurship are genetic heritage elements of our country, so deeply rooted that they permeate almost every aspect ou our lives. For this reason, Gorini Divani, since being founded by Davide Gorini more than 30 years ago, has chosen to go one step further, never giving grounds for complacency.

Gorini’s path is a narrative path, even before being a mission. Each product, designed in our ateliers, is rooted in a project, an idea, a tale narrated in first person. In the same way, the whole company – heritage of culture, people, techniques and knowledge – becomes, even in its smallness, the spokesman of the “well-done” and of the “well done!”, curious combination intended to underline the quality of the local craftsmanship and the lightness that only a high quality product can ensure to our customers.