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Ambiance Italia by Ilcap Srl

Via dei Prati 4
33050 Santa Maria la Longa (Udine)
  +39 0432 685030
  +39 0432 655623
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INFO ABOUT Ambiance Italia by Ilcap Srl

Young and dynamic with an Italian heritage company, Ambiance Italia through its solid management thanks to the experience of its founder Mr. Alessandro Paoluzzi, produces and distributes worldwide a wide range of chairs, stools, tables and accessories, studied to give an original and modern stylishness.
We have chosen three fundamental values to represent ourselves, values that express themselves in our products, in our services, and in our business philosophy.
First of all quality: providing you with beautiful and functional products which are carefully selected and monitored during each stage of the production process by testing and certifying the product.
Our second point of force is flexibility that means adapting continually to the market and customer requirements.
Finally what distinguishes Ambiance Italia is the attention to quality, to details, to the new materials, to the design, offering a product Made in Italy.
Our philosophy aims to demonstrate that quality, intuition and know-how are an excellent mix to conquer the market.