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Interna, international leader in the turn-key sector for the supply of furniture for bars, restaurants, hotels, boutiques, yachts and cruise ships, proposes a wide range of design furniture created for the contract market. It is an extremely innovative proposal since, to offer absolute flexibility to meet the demands of the sector, it guarantees the customization of each single item in terms of materials, finishes and dimensions. Each item, in fact, created on the base of the genius loci of each client, is unique in all respects.
Interna offer, precisely because aimed to a sector that requires unbridled eclecticism and bold combinations of item with different styles, comprises hundreds of concepts articulated in different collections, each the expression of a different design trend: Traditional, inspired by the 19th and early 20th centuries; Transitional, the classical seen through modern eyes; Contemporary, which harnesses the creative talents of five top contemporary designers (Uwe Fischer, Alfredo Häberli, Isao Hosoe, Franco Poli and Hannes Wettstein); Les Grands Classiques de Jacques Garcia, designed by the world renown Parisian designer; AngloDutch by FG stijl; Bedroom Stories created by 5 world renowned hospitality designers: Decoration Jacques Garcia - Paris, tonychi and associates - New York, FG stijl - Amsterdam, Hirsch Bedner Associates - Los Angeles and Bilkey Llinas Design - Hong Kong and Echoes, designed by the Chino-English designer Khuan Chew.
The collection is commercialized through the direct sale (from Interna to the final user) and through a selected group of exclusive agents worldwide.