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22063 Cantů (Como)
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Isella Srl

An experience begun in the ‘50s! We design and manufacture our furniture in a unique location placed in the old town centre of Cantů (Como, Italy), the symbol of high-quality wooden production. ISELLA Tailored Furniture represents the best example of qualified artisanal woodworking: furniture is crafted for classy interiors and the most demanding customers all over the world. We offer valuable pieces, both from our catalogue and made to order, to private clients, designers and architects: every single object is devised and made on the basis of a constant professional confrontation and a careful analysis of the project. Quotations of entire home furnishings are provided, of any size and finishing, textiles and decorations included. We will meet any of your specific requests and your need for personalisation, on the whole of the work as well as in the most refined detail.
We employ only real timber in its various essences: every single piece is controlled and verified carefully during every step of the production process in order to achieve the best quality.
The collection includes articles and occasionals of traditional and classical style as well as of contemporary and modern trend. A collection of samples shows the numerous colours, finishings, matching textiles and decorations available for each furniture.
Check on our websites www.isellasrl.com and www.iselladecor.com to see just some hints of what you can create with us. Find us also on Facebook/Isella, Pinterest: Isella Decor and Instagram/isellacantu for the latest news and our latest creations.