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INFO ABOUT IvanoAntonelloItalia

Let me introduce myself, I am Ivano Antonello, and I do a job that I love: I create design tables and pieces of furniture for the living room and kitchen, designed and manufactured totally in Italy. I took my first steps in the artisan workshop that my father founded in 1963.

Today I have chosen to transform the legacy of a family artisan company into a brand that communicates the excellence of Made in Italy furniture throughout the world. An excellence made of creativity and innovation, without limiting the experimentation of forms with an exclusive design, new materials and innovative color combinations.

In all our proposals there is a little of me inside, and not just in the name.

In my laboratory I carefully follow the creative and production processes in collaboration with the designers and my collaborators, to transform a simple piece of furniture into a small masterpiece, destined to embellish homes all over the world, from France to New Zealand, from Russia. to the United States, from Australia to China, without forgetting the always very active Italian market.

I have made the customer service our strength, and I carefully follow the shipment starting from the guaranteed packaging that must safeguard the products on a long journey.

I am always in direct contact with the customer, from the ideation of the project to the final assembly.

Thatís why when I sign a piece I donít put just the name on it, I put everything that makes it a unique experience, the result of a great passion.

The Made in Italy furniture that you call by name.