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In 1962 our family gave life to a small laboratory that, after great care, became a leading company. We carried Decormarmi's name all over the world and we never forgot the teachings of marble master artisans. Every day we breathe in these feelings and convert them into our creations, in every finishing detail. After all this is our passion: enlivening marble with elegance, harmony and style. All projects, pieces of work, and decisions are governed by these dynamics that today have led us to present our collection to you with pleasure.

Decormarmi works in cooperation with architects, contractors, designers and decorators in Italy and abroad in order to offer furnishing solutions and interior and outdoor projects where marble must play a fundamental role in linings, structural elements, furnishing and decoration. The combination of the extraordinary ability of its artisans hands and highly technological machinery makes Decormarmi - the essential partner - when creating classic or modern pieces in marble.