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Via Cividina 176
33030 Martignacco (Udine)
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INFO ABOUT La Cividina Srl

La Cividina has gained experience as an artisan company with a corporate philosophy to offer seating and furniture products of high quality.The company has steered its resources in the development of professional and organizational techniques to have a constant improvement both in realizations and service. The continuous effort to conform to the contemporary styles and design trends together with the trustworthy and secure service offered by La Cividina have allowed the company to acquire a prestigious position in the furniture field both in Italy and in foriegn countries. La Cividina has important buyers from different sectors: from hotels to private companies, from design studios to cruise ships etc, all satisfactory testimonies to La Cividina's quality and design value.

In 1993 La Cividina introduced on the market with a new brand "Biblos' s" which has had the task to identify the new lines of design that have allowed the parent to concentrate on the value and the quality.