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LocalitÓ Segheria Roggia 2
33044 Manzano (Udine)
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La Sedia Srl

LA SEDIA SRL can boast a long tradition in manufacturing wooden folding chairs: in the fact the company carries on the activity, begun in 1936 by its founder Luigi Bolzicco, continously improving and refining through the years up to now. The current production includes a wide range of folding seatings, all of them developed to offer good value and specific know-how due to the experience acquired in this field. The whole production is in fact recognized for that careful handcrafting which does not come by chance; the competitive price chair as well as the sophisticated chaise-longue for cruising ships have a fondamental common specification which is perceived by our customers all over the world and has allowed our production to be successful for different purposes from the residential to contract market, to institutional use. The continous development of new designs offers a collection of exciting and ergonomic styles suitable to satisfy the consumer needs.