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Meda (Monza Brianza)
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INFO ABOUT Ludovica Mascheroni

Thanks to years of collaboration with top companies in furniture, design and especially fashion, we have been able to develop our knowledge in haute couture, thus uniting our innovative technologies with the most traditional ways of working skins, leather and upholstery done with springs and palm fibre (like in the old days). The result is the Ludovica Mascheroni Home Atelier, where, together with skins and leathers, we also present these splendid Loro Piana fabrics, including marvellous cashmeres that enable us to show what we are able to achieve also from the couture standpoint. Painstaking research in materials is in fact extremely important for us. As for fabrics, the best is always selected for skins as well: the best anilines, the best nubucks, the best palm fibre, splendid Siamese and Nile crocodile, American alligator, Indonesian monitor, galuchat and ostrich.