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22060 Cabiate (Como)
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INFO ABOUT Meroni Ugo & Figli Snc

Three generation of expert furniture hand-makers have created during the past 50 years the firm Meroni Ugo & Figli , one of the historical furniture firm in Brianza. From the great manufacturing handcraft tradition we have kept the technical and production knowledge and, more over, the experience, the capacity which matched with the modern technology is a guarantee of luxury high quality production. To improve the Meroni Ugo & Figli's items, the manual working, and also the possible approaching between wood and modern material such as Plexiglas, steel and others.
Meroni Ugo & Figli's production is not only classic style but also modern design, which can be produced in single pieces or in big quantity as per contract market. Our particularity is to be "HANDCRAFT TEACHER", depositary of tradition which has made the furniture from Brianza well known all over the world and meanwhile being craftsmen of a KNOW HOW which matches technology and innovation .
Tradition, technology, innovation and also a big component of production's flexibility are our strong training.
All our production are strictly Made in Italy, made in Brianza.

Meroni & Figli has a technical department for developing projects, which allows a continue dialogue with the customer during all the different line of production. All the different working passages of each items are made inside our factory, all the finishing too, even ecological finishing. Our Society is able to coordinate the technical development of drawing, Meroni has qualified workers for measurement all over the world and is able to coordinate a complete contract. In our showroom you can see a large part of the production of our society.