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Via Postumia Ovest 61
31048 San Biagio di Callalta (Treviso)
  +39 0422 892212
  +39 0422 892253
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INFO ABOUT Minacciolo

The craft traditions and design culture that distinguish products Made in Italy have given our company a leading position in the rustic and "country chic" furniture trade.
Our style is unique and unmistakable: pastel colours and soft lines evoke images and memories of a past that still has a great deal to tell.
Attention to detail and the use of quality materials, together with experience and passion, allow us to make top quality country style furniture.
We have always specialised in manufacturing solid wood furniture that is durable and "natural". Run your hands along our furniture and you will perceive the natural grain of the wood.
Environmental friendliness is a priority for us: the timber we use comes entirely from controlled reforestation plantations and the paints used for colouring are water-based and therefore non-toxic.
People who choose Minacciolo furniture will enjoy a prestigious refined product, the result of the skills and competence of our woodworkers.

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