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via Milano 54
22060 Cabiate (Como)
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Minotti Luigi e Benigno Snc
INFO ABOUT Minotti Luigi e Benigno Snc

Minotti Luigi e Benigno was established in the 1950 as a family-run craft workshop, and still maintains this characteristic. Over the years the company has remained loyal to the production of craft furniture, constantly gaining productive and commercial experience and managing to stay competitive in Italy and abroada. We currently produce top quality furniture with an aesthetic and functional content which meets the needs of the various international markets in the company operates with great satisfaction. The woods and materials used for the various models and the design studies set up to manufacture them, with a predilection for classical style, demonstrate the functionality which has become indispensable by the evolving consumption demands. Our company is committed to making top quality classical furniture, part of the Italian's manufacturing culture, appreciated and well-known all over the world.