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INFO ABOUT Modonutti Srl

In forty years of intense activity in the sector of the chair, the company CM Chairs Modonutti S.r.l. has reached a high-level of experience and professionalism conquering a position leader within the production of stylish chairs.

During the time they have been wisely suited for the technological evolution with a constant and careful renewal of their own fittings of production, selecting the most sophisticated available machinery on the market.
Technological fittings and business organization of a high-level allow CM to have an ample productive flexibility offering therefore the possibility to satisfy the demands of interested clients to the present products in catalogues or to face applications of models on sketches of the single client. The optimization of the managerial system allows the company to have a hand on the market offering a product with a relationship quality / price of absolute competitiveness that has allowed them to operate with success inside international markets as American and of the Middle East, over that in those national and European.
Currently the chairs of the CM can be found all over the world in the most elegant hotels, restaurants, café or club.

The deep knowledge of the "work" of the partner founders and the professional high-level that the final product, passing through an industrial productive cycle however, reaches a qualitative refinement that only the wise self-employed workers can give. The chairs that are inspired to the most refined models of the past, from the stylistic lines that go to the Luigi XVI to the empire or to models inspired to eight hundred years ago in Italy, have a precise and accurate execution in the reproduction of ornamental motives that they confer to every single chair a particular merit together with the high-level of the workmanships of curved wood and to the meticulous attention of the finishes. Chairs without time that CM keeps on producing renewing the charm of the ancient object with the quality and the innovation of the modern techniques.