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36061 Rosą (Vicenza)
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Moletta Mobili Sas
INFO ABOUT Moletta Mobili Sas

Our company
Moletta Mobili has been producing prestigious classic and contemporary furniture for over fifty years, skilfully integrating a fusion of timeless style and refined taste into the art of woodworking.
Luxurious furniture with attention to detail is designed by qualified designers and technicians to satisfy every customer’s needs. The care taken in the processing and the quality of the materials of Moletta furniture are values that the company has never renounced and that keep the customer coming back in time.
In-house production also allows for maximum flexibility, able to offer to the customer customised furniture in terms of size and finish.

Our history
The history of the Moletta company began in the early 1800s when the great-grandfather of the current owner opened his joinery, a trusted reference point for his town.
A simple workshop that grew over time until the current company that was founded in 1969. Craftsmanship combined with tradition gave life to unique pieces of furniture.
Around the 1980s, the company began to integrate modern technology, complimenting artisan techniques with advanced machinery, that helps facilitate the production process and our journey towards perfection.
Every stage of the process, from design to polishing, takes place in the company's own workshop, a factor that enables constant control of quality so that we can guarantee world-class artisan masterpieces.

Qualified designers and technicians constantly study the aesthetic, practical and functional aspects of the place and pay particular attention to the use of colours and finishes to have quality products with a refined design.
Designing everything in-house, we can offer the customer tailor-made creations studied and designed for this specific purpose, taking full advantage of the space available and fully satisfying requests.

High quality solid wood is selected to ensure a product that will last over time. Handicraft production techniques are combined with technology, guaranteeing a state-of-the-art production system and an accurate precision process. A very important aspect of Moletta's production is the constant quality control, which guarantees a high-level handcrafted product.

Each piece of furniture is polished or lacquered in our workshop which guarantees maximum flexibility in terms of customisation.
The hand-painted decorations make Moletta furniture unique in its craftsmanship.

After-sales assistance
Moletta's furnishings are luxurious handcrafted furniture that lasts over time; the company is always available, even after the sale, to satisfy any request from the customer.