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Via Nogarole 9
35040 Casale di Scodosia (Padova)
  +39 0429 879082
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INFO ABOUT Morello Gianpaolo

Morello Gianpaolo has been in fhe furniture business for more than two decades, becoming a leading manufacturer of period style chairs and spfa sets in the best Veneto furniture making traditions. In recent years the company has grown constantly, enlarging its product. These, together with its existing line of chairs, combine to ensure marker success. Products are made with great care, both in term of quality control, to meet the requirements of increasingly demanding customers. Morello Gianpaolo creates Masterpieces according to a decades-old Padua School of furniture crafting. The Morello Gianpaolo signature on chairs and sofa sets is a guarantee of enduring excellence.
The Company have as main purpose to have satisfy customer, for this intention we started the plane for to abtain the Certification of Company Quality System according to UNI EN ISO 9002 regulation by ICILA for 2001 year.