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Proud of its more than twenty years long experience in design and manufacture of "light engineering solutions", today Norlight is a modern and innovative company, able to provide customised solutions to designers, installers, wholesalers, public and private organizations.

Our headquarters are located in Cassano Magnago (VA), Italy, over a 6000sq.m. area and include administration, R&D, a wide and elegant show-room and production facilities.

The 4000sq.m. factory in Gallarate (VA), Italy, accommodates the workshops where products and optical components are wired and assembled and the warehouse from which our products are shipped to Italian and international destinations.

The human being is both the fulcrum and the motor that drives all that we do because a luminaire not only should illuminate a room, but also satisfy personal criteria and demands, respond to individual tastes and create wellbeing.

It is precisely the human beings who make this "project" possible since the most suitable solution for each single case originates exactly from interaction and dialogue among people. Consequently, our consulting service consists on one hand of a human relationship made of availability and reliability and on the other on professional and accurate analysis of all technical, light engineering and commercial aspects characterising a request.

Our technical and commercial staff is able to guarantee a daily consulting service to all those who turn to Norlight for lighting problems.

The accurate analysis of all technical, light engineering and commercial aspects of a particular request is a fundamental part of our job. Our main objective is to provide the solutions which best satisfy the requirements of each single project.

For technical guidance, light engineering inspections or any other information to support your design activity, please contact us at the following e-mail address: light@norlight.it.

In the hands of wise men, technology naturally results in increased quality and adds to its value.

It is precisely with this in mind, that we have made investments to upgrade and develop our production lines to state-of-the-art level and introduce programming and management software for processes and controls. Now we can respond to the various customer demands quickly and in a versatile manner and offer products constantly in line with the highest quality standards.

Special projects are an important part of Norlight's experience. They typically represent our approach to design as a process based on comparing ideas, desires and situational peculiarities. Thanks to this way of thinking, we have managed, throughout the years, to successfully meet even the most complex requests.

The outstanding versatility of our production facilities and the contribution of our experienced R&D staff allow us to combine mass production with the manufacture of special luminaires, expressly designed for customised solutions.

A company's quality is also measured on the guarantees it can offer its customers.
Therefore, the obtainment of system and product certifications is a major achievement for Norlight in its course aimed at continuous improvement.

Norlight has been awarded the following quality system certifications by CSQ: UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (CSQ marking for the certification of company management systems) and UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2002 (CSQ-MED marking for the certifications of quality systems for medical equipment).

Our products are manufactured in compliance with EU Directives and many of them come with the IMQ product certification (CEI EN 60598-1 standard and annexes) and "CE0051" certification specific for bedhead luminaires including distribution of medical gases (UNI EN 793 standard and annexes).

are for the environment is one of the main threads of our activity, as confirmed by our participation in the EU GreenLight project.
Throughout all these years, our production and design choices have always considered the ecological consequences deriving from product life cycle, i.e. from production and use to disposal, recycling and reutilization.

The selection of high-recyclable materials, such as aluminium, glass and steel, as well as our efforts to develop light refraction systems guaranteeing light flow optimization and light efficiency improvement with consequent energy savings directly stem from our concerns about the environment.

Similarly, most of our luminaires use new generation high-efficiency lamps (T5) and electronic ballasts which not only draw less electric power, but also last longer, with obvious advantages in terms of amount of materials to be disposed of.