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Via Marconi 39/a
33079 Ramuscello di Sesto al Reghena (Pordenone)
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INFO ABOUT NotteBrava by OMA Complements Srl

Letís talk about the night. But for once, letís not mention sleep, and concentrate on dreams. Dreams that come true, just like the Nightlight creations, bed sets and accessories on the cutting edge of taste, presented in a number of models, each one featuring a well-defined identity, yet having in common the uniqueness of the lines and varied in their coverings. An interpretation of the night-time area in a decidedly fashionable manner, where the elegance does not exclude glamour and the essentiality does not reject elegance. An "open" programme which, in honour of the most advanced trends in furnishing, allow the collections to overlap with one another, allowing the creation of free combinations filled with surprises, just as you would expect from Nottebrava.