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INFO ABOUT Novamobili Spa

Novamobili is an internationally renowned leading name, one that has become synonymous with product and service quality and keeps pace with a continuously evolving market. Behind this brand lie an impressive tradition, a clear philosophy, continuous research and genuine commitment to sustainable development. These are the cornerstones on which Novamobili's worldwide success has been built.

40 years on from its founding, Novamobili has been successful in its bid to grasp the signals of market change, forging a radically evolved strategy and organization.
This revolution started in the very heart of the company, with the aim of repositioning its products and image in more competitive, more stimulating areas. Thus the new Tempo Giorno, Tempo Libero, Tempo Notte, Tempo Armadi, Tempo Cabine and Forsingle collections were born, covering everything from living room to bedroom furniture and walk-in wardrobes.
A major project for the contemporary home, in tune with contemporary demands and lifestyles. A head-to-toe makeover for both the product and brand image. The start of a new chapter in the company's success story and a new approach to designing, manufacturing and marketing furniture.

Today, Novamobili is a young, dynamic company, staffed by a team with an average age of around 35 who are actively involved in innovation and quality control. Of its strategic values, Novamobili recognizes the individual's technical skill and training as being the most important, as well as team spirit, at every level: from the management to the design and manufacturing departments, from sales to the distribution network. Substantial resources are channelled into research and continuous improvement, in line with the philosophy espoused by the founder, Sir Alfredo Battistella.