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INFO ABOUT Nuova Vimini

Ethnic furniture is characterized by complements that evoke cultures, habits, tendencies of unknown or distant populations, who live in contact with nature and which deeply value spirituality.. Nuova Vimini is a furniture company specialized in the sale and production of ethnic furniture and in custom ethnic furniture in rattan, wicker, cane, ash and oak. In our showroom in Cittadella you will find all the solutions for ethnic and furniture furnishings that you are looking for your space.

Choosing the ethnic style to furnish your home means therefore wanting to express strong convictions about life and your way of conceiving the world. Those who love this style also love to travel, to know, to deepen their habits different from their own and to welcome others, of whatever nationality they may be.

The materials that characterize this type of furniture are mainly wood, bamboo, rattan and rush. Other declines are the banana tree, the crocco and the teak, equally striking and extremely original materials.

Perfect for all rooms of the house, ethnic furniture lends itself to many customizations in combinations and prefer the strangest contrasts between strong colors and delicate colors, compact shapes and light lines. Throughout the domestic environment, a mysterious Afro-oriental background frames mirrors, paintings, lamps, wicker baskets and screens.

From the kitchen to the living room, from the bedroom to the studio, like the fascinating arcades of the most arcane shops, the ethnic accessories have the great ability to transform the spaces into very detailed scenes by highlighting the objects they exhibit: travel souvenirs, memories of life, knick-knacks, exotic plants, aquariums, sports equipment and, of course, the oldest books.

Nuova Vimini proposes itself on the ethnic furnishing market starting from the conviction that life environments must first of all welcome those who live in them, with usable solutions that are beautiful to look at, but also robust and durable, natural and at the same time trendy. Bookcases, beds, chairs, armchairs, wall units and day containers are just some of the many accessories available in the extensive catalog signed by Nuova Vimini quality.