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Via Como 30
20823 Lentate sul Seveso (Monza Brianza)
  +39 0362 560528
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Osvaldo Toppi
INFO ABOUT Osvaldo Toppi

The workshop OSVALDO TOPPI was founded in 1950 by the father RENATO and specializes in period furniture

OSVALDO TOPPI inherited a wide range of models and finishes which have been supplemented and modified through the years. The result is a wide choice of styles which cover three centuries of history. Solid wood is hand-carved by skilled craftsmen from the "Brianza" region of north Italy.

OSVALDO TOPPI is able to satisfy even the most varied demands of their customers by offering their own models or by carrying our projects on personal request. A very high level of skilled workmanship is available to sort out any problems which may arise as regards measurements or design.