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Via La Valle 51/53
22066 Mariano Comense (Como)
  +39 031 744380
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Palmobili Srl
INFO ABOUT Palmobili Srl

Palmobili is an authentic business craft reality; It boasts professional solid roots based on the family tradition: the trade handed on from father to son in the joinerís, polishingís and repairís workshop has seen the company growth during many years dedicated to the quality work in the production of stylishly furniture, complements and equipments.
These exclusive pieces are produced in small series through precious woods (most in solid wood), carefully seasoned, inlaid and well-finished with techniques that up to the present need a lot of manual phases executed by real past master joiners.

Polishing, the cream of the Palmobili tradition, shows the most sincere joiners working passion. Only a refined esthetical and technological skill can explain and reward such result, worthy of the most exigent national and international customers. The new site in Mariano Comense (CO), wanted and projected in order to maintain the qualitative historical principles, allows a modern and linear management of all the processing phases, which permits to express at one bestís a production choice that never come to a compromise with the best and the most classic furniture quality in Brianza.