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36077 Altavilla Vicentina (Vicenza)
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PF Stile Srl

PF Stile was founded in 1983 as a small artisan company, manufacturing mainly cast iron and steel table bases. Over the years, the amount and diversity of products that PF offers has significantly increased, always looking for more innovative and versatile solutions that can fulfill the needs of the heterogeneous and demanding market of our days. All this has led us to gain great national, then European and finally international resonance. This progress has been possible thanks to our specialization in the contract furniture sector, to our passion and creativity.

Nowadays, PF produces a vast and complete range of items: table bases, tops, chairs, stools, poufs and contract accessories. The company’s key point is certainly the quality of its products, maintained through the use of high-standard materials and excellent finishes. A continuous control of the production process which takes place completely in our local area is essential for us, while paying extra attention to aesthetics and always looking for unique and innovative designs, allows us to offer competitive prices to our clients without compromising on quality. Elegance and comfort, these are the main goals that lead our designers among the conception and creation of every PF product.

In the past years, PF Stile kept on implementing changes that led the company to grow and innovate. We design and produce solutions, keeping pace with the latest trends and committing to the promotion of the brand by participating in the most important international fairs. We aim for greater visibility, both nationally and internationally.