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R.A. Mobili Spa

Via Fratelli Cervi 18/20
20813 Bovisio Masciago (Monza Brianza)
  +39 0362 590621
  +39 0362 590791
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INFO ABOUT R.A. Mobili Spa

Founded in 1906 as a family business, R.A. Mobili has thrived by specializing in the production of de luxe furniture for executive and presidential offices without losing its traditional touch. Market leaders in executive and presidential office furniture R.A. Mobili offers de luxe decor with leather and burlwood trims. It employs highly-specialized personnel, trained by and alongside experienced craftsmen. R.A. Mobili’s products are some of the world’s most impressive executive and presidential offices, including boardroom tables, burlwood bookcases, leather and burlwood armchairs... for lovers of Italian-made luxury items.