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INFO ABOUT Rexa Design Srl

Rexa was born in 2008 with the aim to introduce new materials and forefront solutions for the bathroom that make the space more useful and the bathroom lasting. Search for new materials, new technology for products, modern and essential design, enormous combinations and total concept bathroom bring together bring Rexa's collection to the summit of the most recommended furnishing solutions.

The care given to the manual working together with the precision of modern machineries make possible the top quality of the products.

Rexa manufactures itself their products, so most part of the products can be customized.

Noble, lasting, water-proofing materials make Rexa products inalterable.

Imago design is the creative think tank founded and managed by architect Gian Luca Perissinotto gathering architects and art directors to elaborate integrated strategies of business communication operating in every sector of design (industrial design, interior design, retail and graphic ddesign). from product to shop, from show room to catalogue, Imago design manages the corporate image of prestigious industrial trademarks engaged at the highest
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