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22063 Cantý (Como)
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INFO ABOUT Roberto Ventura by Tagliabue A&A Snc

Tagliabue A&A in Cantý, the longstanding company of the eponymous furniture-making family now in its third generation, celebrated sixty years in business (1948-2008) and received the prestigious 'Premio Lombardia Eccellenza Artigiana' mark, awarded by the Lombardy Regional Authority and the pertinent institutions to leading small manufacturing companies which excel in all their specific areas of business.

Classic, custom-made modular furniture and furnishing accessories or complete solutions for high quality interiors are still highly appreciated today by the best, most discerning national and international clientele, who pay particularly attention to the genuine values associated with the authentic and prestigious tradition of Italian-made furniture.

Another reason for Tagliabue A&A's current success undoubtedly lies in its recently expanded catalogue range following the decision to merge the ROBERTO VENTURA brand with its already renowned and innovative line (the brand has now been register and deposited as a Tagliabue A&A trademark). Fruit of the study of highly creative design motifs with strong furnishing associations, the elegant ROBERTO VENTURA line is already drawing on many attractive new features (with others still in the pipeline) in order to substantially enhance, across the board, the variety, design and finish options of all its catalogue collection pieces.

Today, more than ever before, special attention is also paid to constructive and direct alliance with architects and designers from all five continents who see Tagliabue A&A as an irreplaceable and decidedly reliable partner in all phases of design, planning and creation of complete furnishing contracts. So professionalism, but also great communication and interpretation skills in its search for the best and most suitable solutions to transform each and every piece into a result that perfectly meets the most varied and specific needs in terms of working and finishing wood to make crafted furniture in the superior 'Brianzola ' tradition.